21 May 09 12:19
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todatulla00 — Hello to all! I just wanted to update everyone on my experience with Terfamex. I will say this medication has worked very well for me. Much better than Acxion that I use to take before my supplier went MIA. I’m not sure if the fact that Terfamex is a capsule vs. a tablet makes the difference. My energy level is great I’m actually able to concentrate better & most importantly my appetite is suppressed. I do need to drink allot if water because the dry mouth is a bitch!!! Anyway my point is that if you have the opportunity to try this brand I recommend it. Just keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to medications it works for me hopefully it will work for you. I hope that who ever try’s it feels the same way I do. Trust me I was very hesitant in the beginning to try it out but I’m glad I did! I just wanted to let you all know that these pills are the real deal! Good luck to all & let’s continue to drop these pounds!!!!!
21 May 09 12:52
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Mr/Mrs.PunchieI take an acxion in the A.M.
Then I take the Terfamex somewhere around noon--Image
21 May 09 13:16
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dc1241 — Thanks for the info!  I was thinking about purchasing terfamex because my person was out of axcion, but I was unsure. Glad it is working for you.  I think I might give it a try now. 
21 May 09 13:25
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I sent you a pm, but I'm not sure if it will go through. I could only find terfamex on s***.com. I could you send me a PM on where to find it.
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