06 May 09 10:29
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Terfamex & Adipex

todatulla00 — Hello everyone I need Help. I've been phen for a while & I'm running low. I came across a couple of diffrent options that I never seen befor. I've taken the actual Adipex & phen 37.5 and recently tried axcion 30mg which wasnt too bad. Now I see Terfamex?? Which I'm being told is another Mexican form made at 30mg. Does anyone know what the diffrence between the actual Adipex & Terfamex is, if any?? I know Adipex is 37.5 but the other is 30mg. Then again I have people telling me that the US is the only manufacturer that #'s their meds as 37.5, and that its more a marketing ploy actually. and the rest of the world marks their highest phen as 30mg. but it Doesn't mean they are weaker.
Does anyone have any input on this? Is it the same or is it indeed weaker? Any help will be appreciated!!!
06 May 09 13:27
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Mr/Mrs.PunchiePersonally, I like the acxion, However have been informed that the company that makes it is "a dream that once was"
06 May 09 13:42
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JessieGirl — I like the Acxion also. I'm hoping another company continues to make it as the IFA Acxion is now gone...
06 May 09 13:49
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Pixie101 — Yep it would make sense because now that I think about it usa is the only country that has the 37.5 and I know it's not like us Americans would have the best most strongest diet meds when this country bans natural plants and herbs! LOL
I just think we build a tolerance to meds and they "seem" weaker but that's not the case. 
Hey where is everyone hearing that Axcion is dead? Maybe those suppliers are dead? Just a thought? I just asked our source as I got worried since my mom loves her phen, lol and they have more than plenty for a lifetime supposably but **** did say Itravil was discontinued which is owned by Ifa Norex as well.
Share the info gals to know if to stock up for moms! haha
06 May 09 13:59
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denise1005 — Has anyone taken acxion and the terfamex capsules?  Did one work better for you?
06 May 09 14:12
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Pixie101 — I think I can say ive tried every med from Mexico and the world, how sad is that!! I personally prefer Terfamex by far but my Mom for example doesnt even want to try anything different than Phen, some people dont like change but worth a try. They sell trials still I think.
06 May 09 16:13
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Sugar T*ts — Pixie - someone posted that a pharmacy she used to buy from told her that Acxion would no longer be made. I think she was asking if anyone else had heard it, and it sort of grew out of that. I also thought it was true until a friend of a friend asked a Mexican pharmacist she uses when she's there on vacation if it was true that Acxion would be discontinued, and he said no, it was just a rumor.
06 May 09 16:21
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Pixie101 — Maybe that's true Sugar because it may have been one supplier that was out and may have wanted them to buy a different product of theirs. I know that Itravil did which is the same so maybe it caused confusion?
07 May 09 11:04
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cristee — Hi guys, my employer has an office in Mexico and I asked one of the girls that i'm buddies with there to find me some axcion (phen) or yeduc (sibutramine)... she told me a few months ago that she was informed that neither was being made in mexico anymore and the only places that now had the remaining quantities were places that bordered the US...  Terfamex was one of the options she was given as an alternate as well as Ectiva.  Ended up not asking her to persue since I had found other alternatives...  and i totally agree on the resistance thiing - the meds we take seem to be getting weaker but I am convinced it has nothing to do with how long we've been on them because back in the day it DID NOT matter weather I was on it for years or only a few months, the meds were always strong and I was always confident they were working... turn back 2 years or so and that would not be the case, it was usually a toss up on weather the meds were good or not.. time machine anyone??
07 May 09 11:05
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cristee — Oh, I also heard about something called Redotex that is also from Mexico but also hard to find... looking into it some more...
07 May 09 12:18
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Sugar T*ts — cristee: Just FYI http://www.medix.com.mx/productos/
And that person you mentioned elsewhere has it.
07 May 09 16:38
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Sugar T*ts — FYI - Medix is a manufacturer. You cannot order from them.
08 May 09 14:24
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lorielise — Pixie, just curious, what is it about terfamex that you like so much? Appreciate your input, just ordered some.
08 May 09 15:58
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JessieGirl — Yes...please share Pixie! I am curious also
25 Jul 09 12:21
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so was there ever an answer to da ?
25 Jul 09 16:30
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Can people tell me if this particular stuff works for them or not? I was just curious... Thanks to all in advance!
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