26 Jul 09 14:04
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Terfamex & Adipex

Sugar T*tsphentermine/acxion_or_terfamex
09 Aug 09 15:21
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wowababy08 — I'm going to add that acxion is still being made.  I was told a couple products were going to be 'shut down' like Asenlix but it was going to be remade with a new name.  At least that's what the person I buy from said and I've been using them for about 6 months.
Acxion is made by 2 manufacturers, IFA & Medix, I've tried both, they work the same.  And  also it's cheap like $75 for 30 days worth.  I think they are ok, wish they worked as well as the good old phen or Adipex but since they are so cheap you can always take an extra half or something.
09 Aug 09 18:20
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 I think they are ok, wish they worked as well as the good old phen or Adipex but since they are so cheap you can always take an extra half or something.

I have not seen anything work like the old phen --I was going through some old journals and the last time I took the old fastin was in 2002-now that was good stuff.
I am taking itravil- and its not even as good as the phen of old-
09 Aug 09 22:09
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wowababy08 — I don't like Itravil, have you tried Obeclox?  It's the same thing only time released and I think it works better than Itravil, no energy or anything but it makes you go to the bathroom a lot. 
09 Aug 09 22:42
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Ooh-That is something I do not need is more frequent visits to the
ladies facilities...I want something that will give me some energy--
But so does everyone else too...
May I ask what you do not like about itravil?
I wonder why it was banned in the US?
I have taken 2 a day and its ok but no
09 Aug 09 23:03
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wowababy08 — Well I had decided to try all of the diet pills from Mexico that I can get and see how each one worked.  I tried Redotex, Itravil, Obeclox, Esbelcaps, Axcion, Norex, Neobes.  And Itravil along with some of the others, I didn't notice any change at all.  I took one in the A.M. around 6 when I got up with my son, and then I was hungry by like 10, so I took the second one.  I just felt no different.  Ended up taking an axcion around noon lol.
None of the Mexican diet pills I've tried are really "energy" givers the way I miss, lol, I guess Neobes suppresses the appetite but I feel like I am high on cold medicine and tired & Esbelcaps would give you energy if it didn't have Valium in it.
I miss my Phendimetrazine where I'd take 2 and be bouncing off the walls and cleaning house.  I have a couple weeks worth left just saving it for days I'm exhausted.
I'd love for a day with some energy and feel like I should be losing weight chasing my kid around the house as he tries to get into everything all day long.
02 Sep 09 11:22
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I get a bit of energy from the Terfamex but not enough to bounce off walls, I take Ritalin for that. The main point of those meds is appetite suppression, the only med I ever knew that gave energy was Asenlix but there you have it some that dont get "that feeling." Ritalin would help as it speeds you up and does suppress appetite (atleast for me), to me the terfs are like 3 coffees though and its enough only Ritalin is cheaper and has more energy, just my 2 cents.
15 Sep 09 16:11
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sympl — Wow I am learning so much by reading but now I'm not sure what to order.  I have taken phen-fen and just the 15mg phen  in the past and lost a bunch of weight.  I'm ready for another loss so I've been searching for what will be best for me.  I chose the Axcion because I want to be able to break them in half in the beginning because I am afraid of bouncing off the walls.  Do I need to be or will I be ok taking the full dose?   I guess I am basing all of this on my success with the 15mg phen and it seems that these drugs are not equal.
15 Sep 09 16:18
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wowababy08 — I don't think the Acxion is very strong, some think it is.  It probably depends on your body.  What type of 15mg phen did you take?
03 Dec 09 18:20
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MC_823 — Bringing this thread back.  Terf? 
Never heard of it, don't even know what it is!  :) 
But i HAD to share...
I want the panda!!! CAN'T COPY S.H.  "PANDA"
09 Dec 09 13:14
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hdeeh — Theres still plenty of acxion... I was told the only product that was dropped was itravil and that another company will be producing it under a different name shortly. 
Terfamex and Acxion are both 30mg of phen, Terfamex is a red/beige capsule (not time released) and acxion is the white pill w blue specs and says a159.

I was also told by a pharmacist that 37.5 has 30 mg phen and 7.5 of a diuretic. 
09 Dec 09 16:22
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Is there anything out there that does not make you visit the ladies room so often?
17 Dec 09 08:55
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sund79 — Punchie haha
21 Feb 10 01:33
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[Item H75] 30 count-Axcion/A159 tabs
[Adipex/acxion generic phentermine 37.5mg]

90 count[Reg $275]$ 225
 60 count[Reg $200]$ 175
 30 count[Reg $175]$ 100

Other Generic Phentermine Types

[Item N130] 30 count Terfamex
[37.5 Phentermine caps]
[Item N115] 30 count-Disebsin
[ phentermine 30mg
] $155

30 caps  Itravil Asenlix (Clobenzorex) by Ifa Norex
(Time Released Capsule)-30mg
30- Asenlix [Brand name by Sanofi Aventis]
(Clobenzorex\Time Released Capsule- 30mg
30 Obeclox 40mg [also Clobenzorex] stronger than Itravil
Time Released capsule- $200
30 Redotex - [very strong med not recommended for people with heart conditions]
appetite supressant/antidepressant/fluid reduction. No wired jittery effects while staying cool and mellow with no inhibitions and staying alert at the same time .
$250 (taken in cycles every other day).
30 Neobes [Fenproporex Valium] 75 MG
[Strong Appetite Suppresant/ antidepressant] time release capsule The same ~No wired jittery effects while staying cool and mellow with no inhibitions and staying alert at the sametime .
30 Esbelcaps [Fenproporex]- 20mg
Appetite suppresant- $200
(Time realeased)

  If you dont see your medication- ASK!
21 Feb 10 19:08
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Mr/Mrs.PunchieQuote from becky7234:  Item H75] 30 count-Axcion/A159 tabs
[Adipex/acxion generic phentermine 37.5mg]

Goes on to price list where you can purchase from ole Becky there:
yada yada yada!

Hey isnt this an old thread too?
Revived only to show spam---Tsk Tsk Tsk!
I thought they stopped making that itravil...

Plus did you all see those prices?
It sure would not entice me to buy that is for sure!
23 Feb 10 23:19
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pamtech1970 — YIKES!  LMBO....................Punch!  
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