04 May 09 19:04
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Ways to make Phen work better and longer

Navywife — Lol, the smiles are less frequent now, but still feel GREAT! Maybe those pills are very "fresh" too... I do know that they were extra bitter, even more than the other ones I remember, but then again, it's been alsmot two years since I have had a cookie (sigh)! Green tea is awewsome, I try to make it every day. I too am a smoker, but I have to admit, I am not ready to quit yet, lol!
By the way, every time I see your avatar, I think about how much I miss watching Wonder Woman. That was one of my favorite shows growing up, as well as Scooby Doo and Mork and Mindy. Man, those were the good old days!
05 May 09 15:13
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TatorHog — Thanks jessiegirl, that is an interesting article!  I had heard that caffeine should be avoided while taking the P, but i had never heard why, now I understand!  I have to say, I swear by drinking lemon water to help witrh energy snd burning calories!  I lost 60 lbs by drinking probably 80 oz of lemon water each day!  Of course the P helped, but i truly think the lemon water gave it the extra boost.   I mostly used the lemon juice in the plastic lemons that you buy in the produce dept usually beside the real lemons.
Speaking of supplements, i just had someone recommend taking shark cartilage gel tabs to help heel my sprained ankle I'm dealing with right now. He says that it really helps to feel better in  general. I think I might give it a try, it can't hurt anyway.
06 May 09 00:11
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jockeygirl — Maybe get a 2 week free supply of Extendz?
Still wondering what the heck is in them without a prescription. Stupid A** commercial.
06 May 09 01:47
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fatmama — You rock Jessiegirl. I am soaking up everyone's wisdom like a sponge. Keep em coming!
01 Dec 09 02:48
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lol I hate that commercial.      
17 Jul 11 12:29
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love this article thank you so much...phentermine worked for me for only 1 week...my body just get use to it sooo fast and i couldn't understand why. But now i get it...i am going to try the Zone diet and stay away from any cafeineted drinks. Thanks again
22 Jun 12 02:48
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Mr/Mrs.PunchieImageI know this is an oldie thread but thought maybe it would be a good one to dredge up?
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