12 Oct 11 16:35
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Where is Deebee?

Hi Ivanna
My cousin and best friend live in Michigan.
Lower southwest Michigan, I guess there are some hard times for some folks in that part of the U.S.
High jobless rate and many other issues.
They have been really going through it too...

It is very sad...
But it sounds like you have many blessings to count..
I hope all is well with you and your family and you receive many many more blessings.
Take care friend and give that sweet baby a hug from
13 Oct 11 00:27
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Mr/Mrs.PunchieBTW has anyone here received any odd pm's regarding Deebee? Just wondering.
I normally do not discuss my pm's but.....
I received a slightly strange message and just wondered if anyone else got the same one?
14 Oct 11 18:03
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Hey Punchie-we live in Southeast Michigan, about 40 minutes northeast of Detroit. Things are very hard here for people, not enough jobs to go around and it is very sad. Fortunately my husband and I both have good jobs, and we feel very lucky to be able to say that. We do count our blessings daily, especially now that we have the little guy to take care of. Motherhood is great, wish I had done this a long time ago lol!!
Hope all is well with you and yours too, Punchie. Sending good thoughts back your way :) and many blessings to you all as well. I gave baby boy an extra hug for you too.
Haven't received any pms from Dee or anyone else either for that matter. I hope she is doing well, wherever she is. I'm sure she will pop in eventually.
Ivanna out
18 Oct 11 12:45
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pamtech1970 — Congrats Ivanna,  Sounds like you and your new baby boy are doing well! Thats Great! You almost had him on my dads birthday (9/25)  (0:  Take care, Hugs pt 
07 Nov 11 22:59
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is she ok? the way she use to talk bout how she would take a lot of phen all the time. gosh. i hope she did not die or somethin. hope she is good.
08 Nov 11 10:10
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Tipsycherry — Still nothing. This is very weird.  Ivanna how old is your little one?  Baby Skyler just turned 2 months. He is getting so big!  I need this time to slow down... this is my last baby. 

http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j183/ ... G_4386.jpg
08 Nov 11 11:23
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Tipsy-Skyler is soooooo cute! I wish mine were still that little!  I can't believe my first baby is already 3! Time goes so fast!
08 Nov 11 16:26
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Aw..Tipsy..What a beautiful/handsome little angel you have there..Thank you for sharing your photos with us here...You are a lucky lady.
Ooh...I never thought about that!

I hope that isnt the case...
Because that would be horrible! 

I never thought she really spoke of taking alot of phen?-
Deebee and all other friends who no longer visit for one reason or another, wherever you are, Hope you all are doing well.
09 Nov 11 09:46
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Tipsycherry — Thanks ladies he is a charmer.  I don't recall DeeBee saying she took anymore phen than the rest of us.  Though I am worried something may have happened.  Any of the veterans recall a time when she was away for so long before????
09 Nov 11 12:20
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Sugar T*ts
deebee's okay, everyone. I miss her presence here, too. Perhaps she'll see these messages and return to posting. She has a lot of experience to add.
09 Nov 11 18:56
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Sugar: deebee's okay, everyone. I miss her presence here, too. Perhaps she'll see these messages and return to posting. She has a lot of experience to add.

Hi Sugar
Thats a relief to hear that she is okay.
Bless her heart.
I hope she decides to post again here.
She was always alot of fun.

Seems like alot of people have left-
I would love to see the forum get back to being the fun place it use to be..Where we all talked about phen and different things as well--- JMO
16 Nov 11 11:41
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smithsandiego — Was hoping to see here here...punchie, sugar. pam- good to see you all
16 Nov 11 15:54
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I don't know her, but I am glad she is ok.  I know that a lot of you were worried about her.
16 Nov 11 16:49
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Deebee was a....
10 May 12 11:40
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smithsandiego — Came back to the forum after having my baby late Feb and see that Deebee is still MIA since last August.  Any word form her?
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