10 Apr 10 14:01
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Y guy pill type question

purseladyabc — I ordered pills from the y guy which I received a few days ago. They are marked 'LOT 1445'. I saw another post from someone who ordered about the same time as me who received the 273's. Do they just randomly ship out whatever they have around? I hate not knowing what I am getting. I took 1/2 a pill yesterday, and it didn't do anything. I will try a full one today.
10 Apr 10 23:20
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Sugar T*ts — I don't think the "agents" ever really know what's being sent. Tons of people have asked for a specific brand, been promised up and down that's what they would receive, and then surprise! They receive exactly what they did not want. In this case, though, I'd say you were lucky to get the LCI 1445's by Lannett. The MPs have been getting the thumbs down from almost everyone lately (for being weak). Good luck, hopefully the full one will get the job done.
10 Apr 10 23:53
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wowababy08 — Hey I haven't been on in awhile but when I filled my rx at the  pharmacy I got the lannett's and they were weaker than the MP's which is pretty bad.  They look more like the old adipex but had zero effect on me.
The are all pretty weak nowadays and the best I recently have had was Qualitest, which were still weak lol, just better than the rest.
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