09 Nov 11 21:39
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The Yahoo Guy — I am no longer with MA, I am now running my own Bakery, I have responded to 90% of the emails so far, hope to get the other 10 done tomorrow.I need all my clients and friends to know that I am no longer affiliated with MA so I will no longer be at those #s anymore. Please email me at my regular emails for cookies and be wary of anyone who calls you claiming to be with me.Hope to here from you soon.
10 Nov 11 17:28
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I just got a email from them. it say medicalarttherapy? i ain't gonna respond tho.
11 Nov 11 14:30
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Little Neck
I received an e-mail from MA while I was on vacation stating that I could reorder from my local baker. As soon as I got home, on October 7th, I placed an order through who I thought was YOU and was told it would be 8 business days.  Nothing for 20 days so I e-mailed who I thought was you again but realized afterwards that it was actually a different e-mail address. I got another response that my order would be delivered in 4 business days. The first one said it would be $258 COD and the second one didn't say a price. I just figured it was confirming my original order. In the meantime, I decided to go to my local bakery. To my surprise, yesterday the FEDEX man had not one, but two packages for me and they were both $285. Being that I only had one MO for $258, I told the FedEX guy I would have to pick them up at the station.  I called MA and they said NEITHER of them was from them and they placed another order for me. Now I am seriously confused.  What do I do??
11 Nov 11 18:47
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nurse49forever — I ordered thru Bill's regular address and get something from Medicol which I am assuming was a scam since Bill says that is not his supplier.I have sent Bill several emails to no avail.Just would like to know what happened.
12 Nov 11 15:37
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nurse49forever — Today Saturday my postman rolls in with another box from this time Medical Arts from Pembroke Fl.Even when Bill was with MA the money went to Medical Networks.Did they open the frigging floodgates or something in Florida.I have given up on Bill for now but supposedly I have an order from Medical Networks due to show up midweek confirmed by their pharmacy.I really would like to get back on track with Bill but maybe later.Is anyone else getting all this crap delivered to them?

12 Nov 11 20:42
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madetyza1 — Just got a order from Medicol Network....not the right stuff?  :(
13 Nov 11 15:24
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nurse49forever — Bill said in his Y group that the source of his cookies would be Y Supplements.I am assuming anything else is not Bill.
19 Nov 11 12:05
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So......is the Medicol Network not legit?? I have a slip from my post offiice saying I have a package from them.....REALLY don't want to spend $275.00 if they are NOT going to be real!!  Anyone??
22 Nov 11 14:36
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The Yahoo Guy — These are legitimate, I am working to get that changed by the end of this week.Nice to see yaal again
22 Nov 11 15:17
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I reordered from you...specifically asked for something NOT to be sent to me...and its EXACTLY what you sent...I may as well of set the money on fire....then what happens??  You send email (like before) stating you are running a special...you always find a way to get me good :((
22 Nov 11 18:06
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lucchini666 — Received order from Yguy that came from Medicol Network about a week ago. it was legit. Y guy has always been great for me.
23 Nov 11 12:37
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Just reordered this week.Quick and everything is same quality as usual.
28 Nov 11 22:29
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islingdrinks — just reordered from Y last night. very smooth and legit stuff!
01 Dec 11 15:03
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I've sent y 3 emails now and 1 private message but haven't heard back from him, doesn't look like he has logged in lately.  Has anyone been in contact with him?  Wondering if I should order from someone else?  I have ordered from y for a long time, has anyone got their orders recently?  Thanks.
01 Dec 11 18:28
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chap — I've tried for the last 2 days to get it to get in touch with him......so far no reply.
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