24 Aug 09 18:32
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"Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment"

bklynstar555 — Okay so granted it's a Monday, but since Saturday my shipment from M has showed "Status: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment." I googled and I see some stuff indicating that this is a potential problem with customs... then I read on here about M's stuff getting seized etc...

So, anyone else ordered from Mexico etc. and is that status normal? I know USPS sucks when it comes to tracking updates, but I am getting a little nervous...

I placed my order on the 14th, I got an update from M saying it shipped on the 18th... Thanks
24 Aug 09 18:41
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That has happened to me with packages coming from family living in europe. It shows that message right up to the day the package is delivered to me. I guess UPS doesn't update that information as fast as they do with domestic shipments.
26 Aug 09 15:08
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Unfortunately, their tracking information is not up to date.  
26 Aug 09 15:09
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By the way, I'm referring to UPS
26 Aug 09 15:16
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Peaches — The tracking number I was given has MX at the beginning and end...anyone else have that?
26 Aug 09 15:30
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bklynstar555 — I am talking to the regular post office - USPS. My tracking number begins with RC and ends with MX.
26 Aug 09 19:26
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stargazer — Are you putting in just the numbers?  I think that is all you need.  Sandie is right, usps is slow to update sometimes.....
29 Aug 09 23:19
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Peaches — Well now...I'm getting this message at usps now and taking it as a good sign since it's the first time there is a message there...hoping to get them by the 2nd since it will be 2 weeks to the day.  At least I hope so...I'm putting back on the pounds slowly that I've worked so hard to lose.  Dang diet clinic don't want me no more and I really don't understand why..except for the fact that my bmi is 27...oh well I could get on a soap box but I won't...hope everyone has a great evening...me?  I'm fighting the urge to eat everything in site...sighhhhhhhhhhh
30 Aug 09 13:21
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Peaches I'm in the same boat as you....it says at USPS origin preparing. Last time I ordered from M it took exactly three weeks. Well that will be this Tuesday for me....hope so because I go overseas on the 3rd. aahahhhhh the stress...
30 Aug 09 13:31
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JeniBear — You guys really dont have to worry, if you dont receive anything just email them they will make things right with you. I know they always have with me and others here.
Remember not to ever charge back if you can really help it, M is very good about making you happy and not getting a CB.
30 Aug 09 13:52
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kbare72 — Received my other order friday. It said ORIGEN PENDING SHIPMENT for almost 2 weeks I think it was.. then it moved..
I am very happy with M
31 Aug 09 01:17
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Peaches — Thanks for the replies everyone and I'll keep my chin up and see what happens...I wasn't going to do a charge back and would contact them first.
Thanks again!
31 Aug 09 11:39
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bklynstar555 — Noticed a change in my USPS status today, apparently it arrived here in NY on the 26th so I guess the system is just slow. I should get it soon. Maybe today? Hope so, because I'm not a fan of the ECA stack... makes me feel kinda icky. (But that's another thread)
31 Aug 09 13:28
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Peaches — There is a change on my USPS status today as well...it says:
Inbound International Arrival, August 26, 2009, 7:28 pm, ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) So I am hoping to get mine soon too.
31 Aug 09 13:48
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bklynstar555 — Mine is exactly the same, alas, no cookies came in today's mail...
31 Aug 09 15:43
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Hi Peaches and BrklynStar55.  I have the same status from USPS.  It arrived in LA on 8/26...it still shows it is there.
I called USPS and they said it is stuck in customs until they release it for delivery.
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